Lochmead Farms

This is where it all begins

Nestled between the Oregon Coast and Cascade Mountains is the picturesque Willamette Valley, home to our family businesses, including Lochmead Farms. It’s also the place our customers call home.

Located four miles west of Junction City, Oregon, this is where we tend 1,200 Holstein cows that produce the freshest, healthiest milk around. One big happy, healthy family, all of the cows are born and raised on our 3,000 acre farm.

Since 1941, when our grandparents Howard and Gladys Gibson started the farm, we’ve been passionately dedicated to the land and the animals in our care.

The farm is just a stone’s throw from Lochmead Farms Dairy, where the milk is pasteurized and bottled. That’s also where we make our rich, creamy ice cream.

Fresh, wholesome and delicious, Lochmead Farms milk is distributed to our family’s 44 Dari Mart stores within 48 hours of milking, all located within 60 miles of the farm.

It’s our family’s best, fresh from our farm to your table.